At Sackville we understand that your child can only reach their full potential if they feel safe, valued, and comfortable while at school. We take great pride in the pastoral care provided. Our teachers are not only top classroom practitioners but they also aim to lead, inspire, motivate and care for our pupils.

We select our teachers based on not only their teaching capabilities, but their passion and ability to support students throughout their school life.

Teachers know their pupils well and relationships with them are friendly and relaxed. The care given to all pupils, including those with SEND, is exemplary and greatly contributes to their personal development and happiness.

ISI School Report

Pupils form lasting professional relationships in our tutor groups and the tutors are the main point of contact for parents in the school. Through this network we can build lasting and meaningful partnerships between home and school, which encourages pupils to get the best out of their education.

We are also proud members of the anti-bullying alliance, which works to eradicate bullying and create safe environments in which people can learn and reach their potential.

Within our tutor groups, our pupils create lasting relationships that continue on into their professional careers

Heads of Year, and members of the Senior Leadership Team, work closely to support pupils with individual learning plans to ensure that every child receives enough academic and personal support to succeed.

The Integrated Learning Department

At Sackville, our aim is for each student to fulfil their academic potential whether they be able, gifted, talented or requiring more specific academic or pastoral intervention. This is achieved through skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic teaching in small classes and by differentiating provision and targeted teaching for each student. All students are base-line assessed each year to clearly identify those individuals who would benefit from provision to maximise achievement either by increased challenge or additional support. For those students who demonstrate academic aptitude, are gifted in the Creative Arts or talented in Sport, a programme of extension and enrichment activities is put in place and progress tracked.

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CRESted Report 2020