Traditional Values

We believe that traditional values remain vital to a quality education. Sackville students wear traditional uniforms, and are expected to always be polite, respectful, and considerate towards others. Our expectations of our students are high and discipline is always fair.

Positive Atmosphere

Sackville School aims are to foster a positive, friendly, happy, family atmosphere for learning. This is a powerful and integral element of our school’s success and requires careful cultivation from teachers, staff, and leaders alike. To achieve the most from our pupils we understand that enjoyment of learning is of paramount importance. Children learn best when both they, and their teachers, are enjoying themselves.

Teaching Excellence

All of our teaching staff aim to inspire through having a passion for their subjects. We understand that the quality of a child’s education and school life is defined largely by the quality of teaching. Many teachers are examiners in their subjects and know exactly what is required to achieve the highest exam results. We strive, above all else, for excellence in teaching which allows us to develop well-rounded independent thinkers.

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