Sackville School


At Sackville we run a safe and modern fleet of mini-buses and small coaches. For added safety all our buses are fitted with CCTV and all of our drivers are fully trained and CRB checked.

Bus routes can be flexible according to demand, however, we are currently operating the routes described below as an optional student transportation service:

For the 2017/18 School Year the cost is £470 per term

Orpington and Knockholt Area
Orpington -Green St Green- Rushmore Hill - Knockholt-Hildenborough   

Limpsfield and Westerham Area
Limpsfield Chart -Westerham- Edenbridge - Four Elms-Chiddingstone Causeway-Hildenborough  

Otford Area
St Mary's Platt-Seal-Otford-Ightham-Hildenborough

Wrotham/Kings Hill  Area
Wrotham-Borough Green-Kings Hill-East Peckham-Hildenborough

Tunbridge Wells Area

Frant-Tunbridge Wells Central-Southborough-North Tonbridge-Hildenborough.

If you wish to apply for a place on the waiting list please contact the Admissions Registrar, Sackville School, Tonbridge Road, Hildenborough Kent TN11 9HN Tel: 01732 836401


Applications can only be processed from students already enrolled at Sackville or those who have been offered a place here.