Sackville School


Testimonial from prospective parent

I felt compelled to email you after our tour of the school yesterday. (6th Former's name omitted) was simply lovely and an absolute credit to the school.  She put (name omitted) completely at ease and showed great maturity, yet kept the visit informal and friendly .  After 'doing the rounds' of schools in the area, Sackville pupils truly shine. From standing as we entered classrooms to chatting freely with (name omitted) about their DT pieces, they all displayed exceptional good manners.  I would struggle to find fault with our visit. Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon. 

Testimonials from Sackville Parents

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for everything you have done to help (name omitted) make a seamless transition into the school.  We are amazed at how quickly he has settled in, a different child has emerged and that is purely down to how he feels about himself and this wonderful community he now finds himself part of; it means more to us than you can imagine."


"Can I just say, he is having the best time of his life since joining Sackville. It has boosted his confidence and his willingness to work and please is commendable. He has made some very good friends and loves going to school everyday."


 “We're very proud of (Name Omitted) and all his achievements at Sackville, it certainly was very fortuitous that it was recommended to us as he loves it.”


“We are delighted with his progress when to be honest at (Name of Previous School Omitted) he was often overlooked and considered to be not that academic nor confident.  Thanks to Sackville his confidence has grown and with that a recognition that he does have a lot of ability in many areas and he is flying!”


“What I did want to mention though is why I love the school. Sackville's major strength is its teachers. In my book they are fantastic. They think nothing of going the extra mile to make sure that everyone is kept on track and no-one is overlooked either academically or pastorally. They make a point of knowing everyone by name regardless of whether the pupil is in their class and most importantly they care.”


The staff are the school's greatest asset and having a happy staffroom invariably means happy children. Happy children are more likely to succeed which invariably makes happy parents.”


“Sackville caters for individual needs and helping them reach their potential, something often lacking in bigger schools”


“The school treats everyone as an individual & this boosts confidence. Good discipline means everyone understands the expectations regarding behaviour.”


“The relationship, trust and respect between staff and children is the honest key to Sackville School.”


“The school is very friendly and welcoming for pupils. Small class sizes are a key factor. The wonderful location adds to the character of the school and I would hope the pupils feel privileged to attend.”


“Inclusion, respect, balance of physical, emotional and academic growth define Sackville. The students are not in school only to pass exams, but to learn about themselves and the wider world.”


“I have always found the staff to be caring and supportive with the right amount of discipline. My son has enjoyed his time at the school which makes me feel it was the perfect choice.”


“It has a quiet way of giving self belief to pupils.  The care and individual attention to each student allows confidence to organically grow.”


“Our son is able to be an individual and participate in all aspects of school life in ways that would not occur in a larger school.”


“Sackville seems to bring out the best in pupils who might otherwise get ignored in bigger school. For the first time my son enjoys school, which is just such a relief for us and a great achievement on Sackville's part.”


“I felt the need to let you know in context to how (Name Omitted) is feeling about his life at Sackville. This morning he informed his mum that he is ‘really really happy at school’. He said he ‘absolutely loved his lessons’, he thinks the ‘teachers are great’ and he said that he ‘loved his friends’. He speaks very highly of all the teaching staff and he gets genuinely excited about his music lessons.”