Sackville School

Sport & Games

Participation in a wide range of sports is an important part of life at Sackville.  We offer a variety of individual and team sports allowing each student to enjoy, and excel.

Students have represented the school at district, county, region and national levels in athletics, cricket, cross-country, football, golf, rugby, netball, tennis and skiing.

Sackville School sport is all about spirit, enthusiasm and fun. We have some extremely talented young sportsmen and women but it is equally important to the PE staff that all students enjoy their sport and find an activity they can pursue and succeed at.

To this end we offer a wide variety of sporting opportunities:

PE Lessons: Consisting of mixed gender groups and covering activities like basketball, hockey, softball, volleyball, badminton and athletics.

Games Lessons: Single sex lessons following the traditional sports of football, rugby and cricket for the boys and netball and rounders for the girls.

Friday Afternoon Activities: There is a wide range of exciting sporting activities throughout the year including dry slope skiing, horse riding, golf, swimming, fencing, sailing and mountain biking to name but a few!

Competitive sport is something our students and staff take seriously. Matches are usually after school and we are very proud of our sporting endeavours at local, county and national level. We are lucky to have several inspirational sporting role models and it is wonderful to see young students develop and follow in their footsteps. 

Some of our recent highlights include:
Year 11 medals in the ISA National Swimming Championships
Year 10 Success in the ISA regional Cross Country Championships

Superb performances by the Football, Netball and Basketball teams in the West Kent leagues

There are also several 'Sackville Sporting Superstars' who have represented Kent (or even higher honours) in Football, Swimming, Fencing, Rugby, Skiing, Cricket, Netball and Athletics.

Success in sport is something that we believe plays a large part in boosting a child’s self-confidence. The enthusiasm and encouragement all students receive, regardless of their level of ability, helps to give them the self-belief and determination to take on new challenges. Working as a team, loyalty, trust and commitment are all essential qualities that are reinforced through our sporting programme. These qualities are characteristic of all our students but sport at Sackville helps to build and strengthen this foundation.

Sport at Sackville reflects the whole school ethos. It is about helping to educate individuals to be the best they can be, not just as sportsmen and women but as balanced and mature young adults.


Regional Success

In the 2016 Kent League Volleyball competition the Sackville Girls' pair finished in first place to retain the Girls' League Champions title for the 3rd consecutive year. In the Boys' competition our A pair finished 3rd in Bronze position, only one win separating them from the 4th place Sackville B pair.

Students competed in the Kent Schools trampolining competition for the first time taking 2nd and 3rd places in the Novice U15 category and 3rd place in the U13 Girls' competition.