Sackville School


Science today is part of all our lives; it produces medicines we need, the clothes we wear, the technologies we use and even the food we eat. In today's society we encounter science constantly in the media and it forms the basis for many of the most entertaining TV programmes. Many scientific developments, though capable of changing our lives for the better come with a range of 'controversial baggage' - nuclear energy and genetic modification of plants and animals are perhaps the best examples of this. Citizens of the future must therefore be equipped with the knowledge and skills to judge scientific developments on their relative merits. The Science Department at Sackville believes passionately in equipping individual students with the skills they will need to make these judgements, enjoy science as lifelong learners and actively participate in 'science in the work place'.

At KS3, pupils follow an enquiry-led course based on 'themes' which encourage the development of personalised learning, practical and enquiry skills and understanding evidence in 'how science works'. The themes make up seven units: 'Being a scientist', 'From small to big', 'Energy', 'Forensic science', 'Communication', 'The world around us' and 'Healthy living'.

At KS4, students follow the OCR Gateway Course leading to two GCSEs - GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science or three GCSEs in the separate sciences (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics).

Students who have achieved good GCSE grades are encouraged to study the sciences in the Sixth Form. At Sackville we offer AS and A Level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics through the OCR Exam Board.