Sackville School

Scholarships and Bursaries

Sackville is committed to ensuring that each of its students achieves their full potential in all areas of their education.  We recognise potential and award Scholarships to pupils demonstrating outstanding achievement or talent in certain subject areas: Art, Music, Drama and Sport.  Scholarships are awarded solely on merit through competitive assessment and interview upon joining the School in Years 7 and 9. There is also an Academic Scholarship for which pupils are invited to apply.  Scholarship Assessments take place at the end of November for entry into Year 7 and at the end of January for entry into Year 9.

The Sackville Scholarship is awarded to students who make an exceptional, all round contribution to school life.

Scholarships are also available upon entry to the Sixth Form.  GCSE results are taken into account when considering these awards together with the potential to make an outstanding contribution to Sixth Form life.

Scholars are expected to participate fully in all activities that relate to their Scholarship award, demonstrating their ability in, and an all-round commitment to, their field of excellence.

Pupils must be registered for entry to the school to apply for a scholarship. 

For further details on scholarships and bursaries, please contact our Admissions Registrar on 01732 836401 or e-mail

Scholarships are awarded for outstanding talent or potential in certain subject areas

Academia, Music, Art, Drama and Sport