Sackville School

Physical Education

Physical Education and Sport are an essential part of school life and can help with the development of the young people involved.  Sport can help to increase confidence, build friendships and develop an understanding of the determination needed to be successful.

Here at Sackville we offer an extensive and varied curriculum allowing all students the opportunity to develop these skills whilst enjoying themselves and keeping themselves fit and active.

PE Lessons: Consisting of mixed gender groups and covering activities including basketball, hockey, softball, volleyball, badminton and athletics.

Games Lessons:  Lessons following the traditional sports of football, rugby and cricket for the boys and netball and rounders for the girls.

Friday Afternoon Activities: There is a wide range of exciting sporting activities throughout the year including triathlon club, tennis, horse riding, golf, swimming, fencing, sailing and mountain biking to name but a few!

Examination PE: From year 10 students are given the option to study GCSE Physical Education that combines theory of Physical Education along with the practical elements.  From year 12 students are given the opportunity to study GCE Physical Education or the BTEC National in Sport to further their knowledge in the subject.  More details on each of the courses can be found below.

GCSE Physical Education:

The new Edexcel GCSE in PE from 2016 consists of 4 components and will be graded on the new grading system (1-9). 

During the course the students will study the following components.

    • Component 1: Fitness and Body systems
    • Component 2: Health and Performance
    • Component 3: Practical Performance
    • Component 4: Personal Exercise Programme

GCE Physical Education:

At GCE level the sixth form students will follow the Edexcel specification.  The course consists of 4 components over the two years.

    • Component 1: Scientific Principles of Physical Education
    • Component 2: Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education
    • Component 3: Practical Performance
    • Component 4: Performance Analysis and Performance Development Programme

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness):

The BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport consists of thirteen units (120 credits) over two years and is equivalent to 2 GCE A levels. 

Units include:

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport

    • The Physiology of fitness
    • Assessing risk in sport
    • Fitness testing for sport and exercise
    • Fitness training and programming
    • Practical team/individual sports
    • Work experience in sport
    • Sports coaching
    • Sports development

The assessment is coursework based where students will complete assignments using various methods to achieve the grading criteria of Pass, Merit or Distinction.  On completion of the course the students will have UCAS points comparative to the GCE A level based on the grade they achieve.

This course also will help students develop their functional skills (ICT, Mathematics and English) and their personal, learning and thinking skills.