Sackville School

Ms Julie Hogg

Before Sackville

I spent several years in France working in a variety of jobs  including  Jeune Fille  Aupair, Administrator for a holiday home company and Assistant Co-ordinator of a touring theatre group, writing and performing plays around France for students studying English as a foreign language. After returning to full time education and completing a French BA Hons  degree  I did a PGCE  and taught MFL  in the Home counties for 11 years before joining Sackville School.

Why I enjoy my subject

I enjoy MFL  because it is both structured and  creative.

Why I enjoy Sackville

The  sense of community.

My favourite lesson

Above all, I enjoy working on tenses: present, perfect, imperfect, future, conditional, pluperfect… Teaching  students  to recognise structure and  patterns in language can be very satisfying.

Other roles

I am a year 8 tutor attached to a School house. I also run a French GCSE “extra help” Club on Monday and Tuesday and a Spanish Club on Friday.


I enjoy travelling and experiencing other cultures and have enjoyed  overland trips across Asia, Europe, North Africa and North, Central and South America  often staying with native families (and tribes!) along the way.