Sackville School

Media Studies

Probably at no time in history has the study of the Media been so important nor so interesting. Access to, and proficiency with, media and information technologies is vital to our social and critical understanding of today’s world. Media Studies explores the world that our students live in. Take a moment from your hectic information rich routine and reflect how the Media we use on a daily, almost hourly basis has grown. Consider early radio shows in the 1920s and the early comics of the 1950s and how these triggered moral panics over our impressionable youth, fears which we look back on as reactionary and simple-minded, even as the same turns of phrase are employed over certain video games and social networking sites today. The impact that new Media Technologies are having on the world and how we live in it deserve to be studied in detail and Media Studies is a fantastic opportunity to begin to do just that.

Nor at any time in the recent past have the nation's press, media, and information sectors been the object of as much intense public concern or scrutiny with a growing recognition of their unmatched importance in the conduct of our daily lives and democratic institutions.

Never before have the once separate worlds of news, stored knowledge, and the products of the mass media and entertainment industries converged locally, nationally, and globally, with even greater convergence certain to take place in the years ahead.