Sackville School

Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics Department

Numero pondere et mensura Deus omnia condidit
God created everything by number, weight and measure.

Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

Mathematics is fundamental to the development, progress and understanding of our world. Without Maths society would cease to function. 

Every one of us uses Maths; we are constantly calculating solutions to everyday problems. This links nicely to a recent change to the Maths syllabus, the introduction of ‘Functional Skills,’ students are now expected to analyse a real life problem and then determine which mathematical techniques are required in order to derive a solution.

The Mathematics Department aims to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics, and for each pupil to achieve success commensurate with their ability and potential.

Our students have had success in the UK Maths Challenge in both individual and team competitions. Pupils in Year 7 and 8 take part in the Junior Challenge, Years 9, 10 and 11 in the Intermediate Challenge. This year we have seen success at gold level and progress to the European Challenge.

At Key Stage three (years 7 – 9) students complete a minimum of 3 hours per week of Maths lessons.  A written Maths homework is set each week. We also subscribe to the MyMaths internet resource which allows staff and students access to interactive online lessons and activities and provides an additional assessment tool for teachers via the setting of additional online homework.

At the end of year nine we use class performance, teacher knowledge, test results and national ability testing to work out the best level of GCSE entry for each student.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject at GCSE and years 10 and 11 have 4 hours of lessons per week. We also offer GCSE Statistics as a stand-alone GCSE. Statistics is very useful to students studying other GCSEs in particular; Business Studies, Economics, Sciences and Geography.  It is strongly recommended if a student is considering ‘A’ level Maths in the 6th form.

We offer a full range of mathematical study at ‘AS’ and ‘A’ level and have seen an encouraging increase in uptake at this level in recent years.  

As a department we offer after school Maths clinics and run holiday revision classes for GCSE and A-Level. We constantly strive to ensure each student achieves their full potential and have achieved excellent results in public examinations.