Sackville School

Learning Support

At Sackville we aim to help each pupil to fulfil his or her academic potential. This is achieved through skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic teaching in small classes and by differentiating the expectation and work for each child.

For those in need of additional support we offer a flexible programme tailored to the needs of each individual.  In years 7 and 8 this usually takes the form of a shared specialist Learning Support Assistant in almost every academic class.  We also have Learning Support Assistants who work with individual pupils within the classroom setting and Learning Support Teachers who work with individuals outside of class.

The Department supports pupils who might be struggling with literacy and numeracy and offers broader subjects, including study skills and organisation. Pupils with dyslexia and those with social, communication and interaction difficulties are also offered specialist support within the department.

The Learning Support Department shares information about their pupils and advises subject teachers on how best to accommodate the pupils' difficulties and differentiate work and expectations accordingly.


Please go to "Prospective Parents" / "School Fees" on the website for all fees concerning Learning Support.

Please Note:

1)  No allowances or rebates are given for student absence due to illness or trips etc but wherever possible, the Learning Support staff will try to make up for any lost ground.

2)  A term’s Notice is required if you wish to withdraw from the Programme, or fees payable in lieu thereof. No rebate will be allowed for withdrawal during a term.