Sackville School

Modern Foreign Languages

The study of languages is very much encouraged at Sackville as we believe linguistic skills are crucial in an increasingly globalised world. 

Spanish and French are taught in equal measure to all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 giving students the opportunity of being double linguists at GCSE should they decide to continue with both languages. Alternatively, students can opt to study just one language depending on their personal preference.  In addition to Spanish and French the department offers Italian at GCSE and A-Level as an “off-timetable” option. Nothing is set in stone however and over the years we have helped a Russian boy to take his Russian GCSE in Year 9, a boy from Mauritius to do his French GCSE in Year 7 and a French boy to have his GCSE, AS and A2 French under his belt before the 6th Form. 

At Sackville we are mindful of making language learning fun through the use of ICT, games, puppets, role play, movement and mime.  We watch news, plays and films and have some keen petanque players in our midst - a game we enjoy playing in the summer in our extensive grounds.

In order for students to have first-hand experience of the culture and life-style where the target language is spoken, we offer many trips, including day trips and residential stays. In recent years we have been to Paris, the Loire Valley, the French Alps, Normandy, Boulogne, Christmas markets in Cologne and Strasbourg, Venice and the Bay of Naples travelling by coach, Eurostar and plane. The most common question I am asked on Open Days is “Can a student who is dyslexic study a foreign language?”  The answer is a resounding “Yes” and our teachers are totally in tune with the problems dyslexic students might encounter and we work hand in hand with Learning Support to facilitate a smooth ride through to GCSE for all.