Sackville School

Inspection Reports

Like many private schools we are inspected by the ISI (Independent School Inspectorate) which is certified by OFSTED. 

Our most recent inspection took place in February 2017.  This was a Compliance Only Inspection and we are delighted that we met all standards, and associated requirements, in the schedule to the Education Regulations 2014.  The inspection set out to determine whether the school met standards in a number of areas: Quality of Leadership and Management; Quality of Education Provided; Welfare, Health and Safety of Pupils; Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of Pupils; Suitability of Staff and Proprietors; Premises; Provision of Information and Manner in which Complaints are Handled.  Whilst the Inspectors are only able to rate standards as having been met or not met we received many positive comments regarding the education on offer at Sackville.

Our last full inspection took place in 2012.  ISI inspect in 7 categories rather than giving an overall descriptor.  We were awarded ‘Excellent’ in 5 out of 7 categories and ‘Good’ in the other two. The grading descriptors used are shown in the table below.

Inspection Grading  
ISI Ofsted            
Excellent Outstanding
Good Good
Satisfactory Satisfactory
Unsatisfactory Inadequate          

 The areas considered "excellent" were:

  • ·Pupils' learning and achievements
  • ·Curricular and extra-curricular provision
  • ·Teaching
  • ·Pupils' personal development
  • ·Pastoral Care

Those areas considered "good" were;

  • ·Health and Safety
  • ·Governance and Leadership