Sackville School

Individualised Learning

At the heart of our individualised approach to learning is our ability to understand precisely, through regular assessment, where each student is on his or her learning journey. We combine this with considerations such as how each child learns most productively, what motivates them and their ideal pace for learning.   It is this tailored approach which allows the majority of our students to achieve results above and beyond their predicted grades for both GCSE and A Levels.

All students are academically assessed on entry to the school.  This allows us to create an individual programme of learning for each student in all subjects, setting appropriate targets for progression which create the right amount of challenge.

Teachers regularly track each student’s effort and attainment each term, and devise appropriate intervention in areas where a student may be challenged, whilst setting differentiated work in subjects where they excel.

Our commitment to regular student assessment, tracking and benchmarking gives us oversight of each student’s academic progress.  This enables us to plan academic support tailored to the individual, such as inclusion in our Gifted and Talented Programme for those who have the potential to progress more quickly in specific subjects or to provide academic mentoring to encourage achievement by students needing more support.

Our staff is dedicated to creating the ideal conditions and culture to encourage the best from every pupil. Understanding each child as an individual, delivering outstanding pastoral care and achieving individual learning goals is our priority.