Sackville School

Gifted and Talented programme

Gifted is the term we use at Sackville to describe the top 5% of our students who demonstrate high level aptitude and the ability to excel academically ahead of their peer group. The school uses MidYIS, YELLIS and ALIS aptitude tests as part of the Gifted identification process.

Talented is the term we use to describe students who have the ability to excel in the areas of Art and Design, Music, Sports or the Performing Arts.


At Sackville we have a number of core aims with regard to our policy to ensure that:-

• All student’s abilities and talents are identified, monitored and developed.

• All students have access to suitably differentiated and challenging and varied learning experiences both in and beyond the class and across the wider curriculum.

• Students are encouraged to become independent learners.

• Extra provision not only meets the needs, interests and aspirations of the students but also helps to improve their social, personal and emotional development.

• We further develop teaching and learning for more able pupils and by doing so improve teaching and learning for all students.