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Fact and Fiction -Truth, Lies, Opinion - Chaucer to web sites

In the English department at Sackville we don’t take anything for granted – we look closely at the great variety of writing in the English language and are entertained by it,  examine it, analyse it  and come to our own conclusions about its validity.

Key Stage 3:

Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing are the three ‘areas of study’.

The small classes at Sackville mean that all students can take a full part in a variety of Speaking & Listening tasks; discussion, role play and group work. These activities are stimulated by our reading of both fiction, non-fiction and media texts (films and news papers, interactive media)

 We involve students by inviting in visiting authors to our annual Book Week, by taking students to the theatre and using multi modal versions of the texts studies.

Key Stage 4:

All our students prepare for both English Language GCSE and English Literature.  The courses are new with first exams in 2012. We will still be reading a Shakespeare play, at least two novels, a modern play as well as poetry in an anthology provided by the exam board. We will also learn how to tell fact from opinion in the media, review moving images and make a study of Spoken Language. 

Key Stage 5:

At GCE students follow a four module course in English

Literature. In the first year we read a selection of modern fiction and literary non-fiction on the theme of The Struggle for Identity. In your two the theme is Love Through the Ages from Chaucer’s Wife of Bath to Ian McEwan’s Atonement.

Each year students write a substantial coursework essay as well as preparing for external examinations.