Sackville School

Dress Code

As recognition of a Sixth Former’s growing maturity and independence, our dress code is based upon business principles.

As well as giving students a more adult image, the dress code strikes a balance between some degree of individuality whilst recognising the importance of setting an example to the younger members of the school community, parents and visitors to the school

This Sixth Form dress code is intended to give students guidance as to what is the appropriate manner of dress not only for school, but also for interviews and at work. 

Male students:  Dark suit, shirt, tie, shoes (no trainers).

Female students:  Dark suit comprising jacket, skirt or trousers. A formal shirt, blouse or top (not low cut, fully covering the shoulders and midriff).  Formal style low-heeled shoes (NB: Casual trainer style, plimsolls, sandals, stiletto heels and heavy/ugg-style boots are not allowed). Make up should be kept to the minimum.


No hooded jumpers are allowed. 

Coats may not be worn as a substitute for a suit jacket.

Piercings in the nose or other visible areas on the face or elsewhere are not allowed