Sackville School

Drama and Performing Arts

Involvement in the Performing Arts allows pupils to develop confidence and self esteem which will permeate other areas of their lives

Drama plays a key part in school life throughout the years; it allows students to explore ideas, emotions and roles.  We are fortunate to have a purpose designed studio theatre with lighting and sound rigs giving many opportunities for performance from the regular lunchtime recitals to the more formal whole school productions. Performances also take place in local venues and within our beautiful buildings and grounds.

Drama is an intrinsic part of a Sackville student’s education. Drama not only stimulates creativity but provides an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that few other subjects can offer. The Drama Department at Sackville is one of the school’s many strengths. Our students are encouraged to experiment with new ideas, different ways of moving, speaking and thinking, making choices and finding solutions which will help develop their confidence and identity both within the Drama room and beyond. Drama allows students to communicate with, and understand others, in new ways. We find that students who participate in Drama activities are confident public speakers, are likely to be more persuasive in their communications both written and oral, and are better able to put themselves into others' shoes and relate to them. Participation in Drama also requires self control and discipline that will serve the student well in all aspects of life.

Drama students will learn to work together, to cooperate to find the best way for each member of a group to contribute, and to listen to and accept the viewpoints and contributions of others. We are extremely proud of the work completed in lessons, delight in the various public performances we offer and thank our students for the Department’s superb examination results.

Each year a number of students audition for parts in professional plays and films.  The following links give a flavour of the highly original work which is created here.