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Academic Approach

A curriculum for everyone

Our academic approach at Sackville is designed to stimulate pupils' interest in, and passion for, learning. We offer a wide range of subjects enabling pupils to understand the world around them and become critical and independent thinkers. This will enable them to become high achievers at GCSE, A-level, University and beyond. Below is just a selection of the school subjects on offer.


Our English programmes aim to develop creative thinkers who are confident and perceptive. We cover speaking, listening, reading and writing. Small class sizes mean that everyone can take part in a variety of engaging topics. Your child’s secondary school experience in English Literature begins with pupils studying early examples of literature such as Beowulf all the way up to contemporary literature. This is built upon with teachers delving further into the learning and performance of poetry and dramatic texts.

Drama and Music

Involvement in the Creative Arts allows pupils to develop confidence and self-esteem, which will permeate other areas of their lives. We provide an environment that stimulates an early love for music; all Year 7s are entitled to the free hire and tuition of an orchestral instrument under our “Music for all” scheme. Drama plays a key part in school life throughout the years and we are fortunate to have a purpose designed studio theatre giving many opportunities for performance. Our annual dramatic productions are always a huge hit.


In our mathematics department, we understand that our lessons must be stimulating, enjoyable, and relevant to everyday life. Unlike in many other schools, our mathematics curriculum goes beyond the classroom and there are many opportunities for our pupils to participate in external events. 


Our science lessons and wider curriculum ensures that your child will be equipped to investigate the world, and help them to understand and find meaning in future scientific advancements. 


In our humanities department, we encourage our pupils to become conscientious global citizens. Our curriculum ensures that our pupils question and consider the world around us through activities such as role play and debating, and a wide range of school trips. 


In an increasingly globalised world, we recognise that linguistic skills are crucial and so we place great emphasis on the study of languages at Sackville. We teach French and Spanish and, in order to further supplement classroom learning, we regularly arrange trips abroad so that our pupils can put their language skills into practice. 

Art Design & Technology

Through our Art, Design and Technology lessons, pupils are taught to develop meaningful creative pieces, and show an awareness of the steps required to create a successful and finalised product. In our lessons, we remain somewhat multidisciplinary, helping them to develop transferrable skills that will help them succeed in their later careers.